The Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to assess the body, mind and spirit to address imbalances both physically and emotionally. Blending several techniques including, deep tissue, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and chakra balancing, this signature massage will leave you feeling relaxed, grounded and balanced!


Nourish your body and spirit with this ancient healing technique to melt away your stress! Warm smooth basalt stones combined with cool refreshing river rocks are used to massage the muscles, while natural gemstones are used to activate pressure points and balance your energy.



Tune your body to achieve balance by harmonizing your nervous system, organs and muscle tone. Experience deep levels of relaxation as the tuning forks are used to balance our meridians, acu points and chakra system.




Based on the principle that there are pressure points which correlate to all our systems and organs mapped out on the feet, we are able to pin point and access very specific areas of the body, encouraging circulation, removing blockages and promoting overall homeostasis in the body.

This treatment begins with a copper foot soak and cleanse and is completed with a melted Shea Butter foot and lower leg massage.


A traditional Japanese healing art, Reiki translates to “Universal Life Force” and is used for stress reduction, relaxation and overall healing. This gentle and nourishing technique treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is a natural and safe method for healing and self improvement that everyone can use. Reiki is offered both as in person sessions as well as Distance sessions anywhere in the world. 


Usui Reiki Training

Willow Wellness offers training for Levels 1, 2 & 3 Reiki Certification. Blending both the traditional systems of Usui Reiki with the transformational knowledge of our Energy Systems and how to use them in a way that is most beneficial to ourselves and to others. Learning this ancient technique of hands on healing can benefit not only your own health and well being but also those around you.

Throughout the series of these courses we will cover understanding our Energy Bodies and their associations and relationships, tools to clear and cleanse spaces of negative or blocked energy and how to replace it with balance and positivity, how to ground your own energy and create strong and healthy boundaries and learn how to give energy to others without depleting your own sources. We will also cover the basic and extended Charkra systems, Reiki meditations, traditional Reiki symbols, how to work with Crystals and Crystal Grids as well as understanding and connecting with our Energetic Guides as healing alies. 

Reiki Lev 3 class image